Learn How To Get The Best Deal

New Auto Buying: How to Find the Best Auto Dealers

We’ve all seen and heard stories about unethical and shady auto dealers, but what many people forget that there are plenty of reputable dealers and they are an important component of our economy.

Many people put off or even opt out of buying a new auto because they are worried that they won’t be able to navigate the auto dealers in such a way that provides them with the best deal available. Many people have a preconceived notion that new auto dealers are pushy, underhanded salesman that will try to rip them off every chance they get. While this may be true in a small percentage of cases, most people that get bad auto deals are simply the ones who didn’t do their homework beforehand, and were not prepared to negotiate. Many cities, towns, and states heavily depend on tax revenue from auto sales; and auto dealers can be key members of the local community. Not all dealers are bad, and we all love getting a new auto, so how do you find a reputable and ethical auto for your auto purchase?

Auto dealerships are businesses that need to make money, and very few businesses will be able to exist for a long period of time if they do not provide quality service and have happy customers. So, to find the best auto dealers there are a few things you should do:

Once you know the auto you are interested in, contact a few local auto dealers and ask them to provide you pricing via email or over the phone. Some dealers will only provide pricing if you come into the dealership. You want to find auto dealers that respect your time and will be transparent with their auto pricing.

When you have a few auto dealers that have provided you auto price quotes through email or over the phone, check them out on www.bbb.org . See how long they have been in business, and see if there are any historical or outstanding customer complaints.

Do a Google Search on the name of the dealership and look for local news or helpful information about that specific auto dealer. It’s always good to support local businesses that give back to the community, so look for charity relationships and community involvement news.

Try not to visit a auto dealer’s lot without an appointment with the Internet Manager or Fleet Manager. Just like any business, it’s important to work with a sales person that will treat you well. These managers at the dealership have a good understanding of the sophistication of buyers that have done their online research, and are likely to have more experience than some of the other sales team. It’s important to find both a reputable dealership, and a reputable sales person.

Connecting with auto dealers online allows you to get prices for the autos you’re interested in before you actually travel to the auto dealership, and let’s you do some investigative checking on that specific auto dealer’s background. Do your diligence before you visit a dealership and you will have more confidence in who you are buying your auto from.