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Auto Warranties: Understanding and Comparing Auto Extended Warranties

Buying a auto is a big investment and if you’ve only done it once or twice, it probably feels like you are spending a lot of money on something that could also cost you a lot of additional money in the future. No one likes to think about the potentially high price of repairing a auto if something major goes wrong, and the additional concern as to what they will do if they suddenly lost the ability to get around town.

The good news is that the quality and safety of autos gets better and better every year, and that new autos have comprehensive warranty protection. The auto warranty that is included in the price of your new auto is designed to give you peace of mind for the first few years that you own the car. But, if you own your auto for a long time, or if you are buying a used auto from someone else, you don’t necessarily have that initial warranty protection. But the reality is that as a auto gets older, it may need repairs.

Specific Aspects of Auto Extended Warranties

To help protect yourself from potential costly auto repairs later down the road, many warranty companies have come up with a way to prolong that peace of mind feeling: the extended warranty. Living up to its name, the extended warranty on a auto is a way for you to enjoy many of the benefits of a new auto warranty after the original auto manufacturer warranty has expired. Usually you can get a auto extended warranty for 1-5 years depending on the age of your auto and the specific model. If you are interested in purchasing an extended warranty, you should know that there are many different providers and policies out there to provide auto coverage, and it would serve you well to do a little comparison shopping before you settle on the one auto extended warranty policy that you want to buy. So when comparing options, here are some of the key items to look at:

Pricing: how much does the auto extended warranty cost

Financing: does the auto warranty provider, offer unique ways to finance the purchase of the warranty and if so, what are those fees

Duration: how long does the warranty last for

Coverage: exactly what components of the auto are covered under your policy

Repair Facilitities: some providers have strict guidelines regarding where you can take your auto for servicing

Roadside Assistance: does the auto warranty include emergency roadside assistance in case you need help

Car Rental: if your auto is going to be in the shop for a few days, does your coverage include paying for a rental car for you

Additional Fees: what, if any, additional fees do you have to pay during servicing and repairs

Requirements: do you have to do certain things at certain times relative to servicing your auto to make sure your coverage is active and in good standing

    Finding Auto Extended Warranty Plans

    You may have seen a lot of online or television advertisements on how you can go about getting quotes for a auto extended warranty. We would advise you to be very careful on what companies you contact as you want to make sure you work with a warranty company that is well established and has been in business for a long time, so they are there when you need them. We keep an updated list of reputable auto extended warranty providers in the Auto Warranty area of AutoBuying101.com.

    When comparing auto extended warranties take the time to really get into the details on what is covered. Not all auto warranty plans cover the same thing, and the coverage type is what is most likely to affect the price and the general usefulness. Beware of auto warranty policies that refuse to cover normal wear and tear damages, as you really want to cover as much as possible.