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Auto Leasing

If you are looking to buy a new auto, and you enjoy driving something new every few years, an auto lease can be a great solution.

Credit Score & Report

Auto Lease Options

New Auto Lease Offers from the Manufacturer: the vast majority of auto lease programs are provided only on new auto sales, and are offered by the lending division of the applicable auto manufacturer.  In addition, auto lease programs are generally only provided to buyers with good to excellent credit.  So, if you have a specific new auto in mind and you want to see if you qualify for a auto lease, the best way to do that is working with a franchised dealer.  Using our Dealer Select Pricing tool, you can easily identify your auto and get more information from local dealers in minutes.

Comparing Options

As mentioned above, an auto lease can be a great option if you have good to excellent credit, enjoy the opportunity to get something new every few years, and can drive below a specific annual mileage and take good care of your auto.  Under these conditions a lease can be a great financing tool.  But, if you prefer to own your auto for a long time, drive many miles, or put more than moderate wear and tear on your auto, a lease may not be a good option as you will have to pay additional fees when your lease terminates.

So, make sure you completely understand the terms and conditions of each lease opportunity you consider, and make sure you can abide by those terms.  Use our Auto Lease Calculator when evaluating different options.

Having good to excellent credit will allow you to consider multiple auto loan and auto lease options.  If you do not qualify for an auto lease, you should consider financing a used auto purchase with an auto loan or by paying in cash.