Learn How To Get The Best Deal

Auto Insurance

Sometimes getting the lowest rate on auto insurance won't be the best deal if you are left with poor coverage.  Comparing auto policy quotes, plans, and coverage is important to finding the right policy for you.

Direct Auto Insurance Options From Major Providers

As you have probably seen regularly online and on TV, insurance companies aggressively promote auto insurance to you.  And whether you are buying a new or used auto, or simply looking to save money on your current insurance costs, you need to compare offers as auto insurance companies have different methods for setting their rates.  In addition, rates can vary greatly from provider to provider based on your specific situation, the auto you drive, and where you live.  Here are some ways to compare the major carriers:

AutoBuying101.com Insurance Marketplace:  we've partnered with many of the major carriers that offer online auto insurance quotes to help you find available option in your local area. Simply enter your Zip Code to get started:


The best way to ensure you are getting the lowest rates is to evaluate free insurance quotes from these multiple sources. There are hundreds of insurance companies that provide insurance for autos in the US, and they all have different ways of determining your insurance premiums. Different insurance companies have different auto insurance rates based upon your geographic area, how far you drive, and your driving history, so take your time in finding the best auto insurance rates.

Auto Insurance From a Local Agent

In addition to checking rates directly from a carrier, you may feel more comfortable contacting a local insurance agent and having them help you evaluate your options. If you do so, you will most certainly get more personal attention and have a local individual to help you, which is great service, but keep in mind the rates may be a little higher.

To find local agents in your area, check out this great directory of agents.

Take the time to compare auto insurance rates from multiple sources and review the associated coverage, deductibles, and policy details.  Consider shopping around at least once a year to ensure you are getting a good deal.