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Auto Extended Warranty

If your original auto warranty has expired, or if you have purchased a used auto from another owner or a dealer, you should protect yourself with an extended warranty. We recommend getting a free, instant, no obligation, online quote for your auto extended warranty.

Two options that we suggest you check out include:

Smart Auto Warranty, which is a division of CarChex. Through a great process that helps you compare multiple policies you can get a free quote for multiple auto warranty options by visiting Smart Auto Warranty >>

Another option is to check out the Provida Group. They provide great products and benefits for your auto such as 24 hour roadside assistance, your choice of repair facilities, and rental benefits. You can get a free online quote by checking out the Provida Group website >>

Some of the best providers offer features such as:

- Money Back Guarantee
- 24 Hour Roadside Assistance
- Your Choice of Repair Facilities
- Direct Payment to the Facility
- Policy Transfer In The Event You Sell Your Auto
- Cancelable At Any Time

A extended warranty for your auto is a important tool to help protect yourself from unexpected or future repairs and service costs. A auto extended warranty can be one of the most complicated and costly products you buy for your auto. That's why we recommend getting a free auto extended warranty quote above, and shopping around for other warranty providers, so you can compare costs from your different options and make the best decision.

You should know that the the sooner you buy a auto extended warranty, the cheaper it is. That's because the warranty company knows that the more mileage and wear you put on your auto, the more likely it is that you will need repairs. We recommend obtaining a auto extended warranty now, at a lower price than waiting until your auto may need repairs.