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Auto Buying Tools & Resources

Approximately 1,000,000 new vehicles are sold in the US by franchised dealers every month.  Some buyers get a great deal, some pay full price (i.e. MSRP). Here is how to find and understand key aspects of new auto prices.  If you are ready to get Auto Prices on a specific auto, start here ยป

New Auto Price Information & Market Values

One of the best ways to understand how much you can expect to pay for a new auto is by understanding the MSRP, Invoice, Dealer Cost, Rebates & Incentives, and Current Market Values (based on what other auto buyers have paid recently) associated with a new auto.   Your goal is to get the best deal by understanding what a fair price is, and comparing actual auto prices from local dealers. When it comes time to research this information, here are some key resources:

New Auto Research section of AutoBuying101.com: we've partnered with some of the leaders in the industry to incorporate new auto pricing information right here on AutoBuying101.com.  Our data partner, Chrome Systems, is considered the industry standard relative to new vehicle pricing and configuration data.  Their information is used by the majority of automotive sites, and the auto industry.  Along with pricing, you can view multiple photos, specifications, warranty, and safety information.  In addition, we have incorporated TrueCar data which shows what other auto buyers recently paid for a new auto, at both the national and local level.

Free Auto Price Quotes from Local Auto Dealers

In addition to the pricing research you can do online, you can also get a good feel for local auto prices based on getting free price quotes from multiple auto dealers. 

Dealer Select Pricing Tool: with over 20,000 new auto dealers in the US, it can be difficult to know what auto dealers to work with, and how to easily get price quotes directly from a dealer.  Fortunately, due to the power of the internet, many auto dealers are becoming more willing to provide firm price quotes online, through email, and over the phone.  In order to help get price quotes from local franchised auto dealers as easy as possible, we created the Dealer Select Pricing Tool.  Basically, you identify the auto you are interested in, and through partnerships we have with major dealer networks, we present local auto dealers that will provide you free, no obligation, price quotes.

Auto Manufacturer Websites

Auto Manufacturer Sites: Although obviously focused on positioning their specific models, auto manufacturer websites can be an extremely valuable resource when investigating pricing information, equipment, optional configurations, and features.  Many auto manufacturer websites have tools to allow you to view current new auto inventory on their dealer's lots along with the current asking price.   In addition, you can easily find all the local auto dealers in your area, if you want to check out their specific websites as well.

Collect new auto pricing information and market values from multiple sources to verify accuracy, and when you are ready to buy, always compare price quotes from multiple auto dealers.