Learn How To Get The Best Deal

Prepare For The Auto Buying Process

Did you know: the average consumer will own more than 3 vehicles in their lifetime? As the average cost of a new vehicle is currently over $25,000, the acquisition of a new or used auto can easily be one of the largest and most exciting purchases of your life!

Despite the large amount of money involved in buying a new auto or a used auto, most consumers do not properly prepare for this major decision.  We have all heard the stories: folks getting the run-around at a dealership, somebody buying the wrong type of vehicle, or someone buying a auto out of their price range.  When spending this much money, make sure you are confident in your auto purchase and get the best deal!

To help educate yourself on the auto buying process, and to prepare for the purchase of your next auto, familiarize yourself with these auto buying tools before moving on to the Research and Buy & Sell sections of the site:

Auto Buying & Auto Selling Checklists: print these free, comprehensive step-by-step checklists to guide you through the key aspects of buying a new auto, buying a used auto, selling an auto, or trading in an auto.

Auto Buying Calculators: the auto buying experience involves multiple financial components.  Use our auto calculators to help you understand your options.

Understanding Your Credit: make sure you understand your credit profile (score and report)—the #1 factor used by financial institutions to determine your finance qualifications and rates.

Auto Buying Tips: when should you choose an auto loan vs. an auto lease?  When is the best time to buy an auto?  Should you sell your old auto or trade in your auto?  How do you negotiate with an auto dealer? Find these answers and more in our Auto Buying Tips area.

Auto Finance: because of the financial aspects of the auto buying process, it's never too early to start looking at your specific auto finance options.  If your credit is strong enough, you can potentially pre-qualify for auto financing online, which gives you much more control during the negotiation process.

Auto Buying Blog: check our latest blog posts for some of the most recent and useful tips and advice we offer related to the entire auto buying experience.

Once you are confident that you are fully prepared for your auto purchase, it's time to start comparing and evaluating specific autos.  Cruise over to the Research section for comprehensive information on new and used autos.