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Used Auto Buying: Are Used Autos with Salvage Titles Repairable?

If you are a auto mechanic, or you just have extra time on your hands and you like to salvage older or repaired autos, you might be interested in learning whether or not auto with salvage titles can legally be sold as used auto. The answer depends entirely on the shape that the salvage vehicles is in when you attempt to sell it, as well as what state you currently reside in. Understanding what makes salvage auto repairable means understanding what makes them salvageable in the first place.

In most states, a auto that sustains damage in an accident whereas the cost to repair the auto, as determined by a qualified individual or insurance agency, adds up to be more than seventy five percent of the auto’s current total value is given a salvage title and considered to be a junk auto. This of course, doesn’t mean that the auto has absolutely no value. Everyone is familiar with auto salvage and salvage parts that make up an important part of the repair industry. A auto with no front end might still have a perfectly good trunk latch which might be exactly what you need to fix up your own auto.

However, auto salvage can also be a shady business, and you don’t want to buy what you think is a nice used car, only to find out it has a salvage title. Some states will deem salvage cars repairable, and it is important to know whether or not your auto has or has ever had a salvage title associated with its history. In some states, the seller of the car is not required to reveal the salvage title if the auto is being sold for a low enough price, or is above a certain number of years in age. In this case, car sale salvage is even more confusing, and may bode ill for those people who are in the market for cheaper autos.

In any case, you should always do a vin check and get a auto history report on a used auto. If you find a auto you are interested in has a salvage title, be aware of the fact that the value of that vehicle will always be less than comparable non-salvage used autos. It is possible to repair a salvage auto and use it as your primary vehicle, but you should only do so if you are extremely confident in your repair abilities or those of your auto mechanic. Finally, because laws and restrictions on salvage autos vary state to state, you should contact your local DMV or motor vehicle agency to get more information on how salvage autos can be used in your state.